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Services Provided:

  • vichai-audio
  • vichai lighting

Project Overview

The Government Lottery Office is a Royal Thai Government’s authority in issuing and awarding the national lottery. This is an installation of an entire office complex for The Government Lottery Office. The complex comprises of two main buildings; the office building and the award building.


The special feature of this project that distinguish it from the normal Government projects that Vichai has implemented was the “Award Building” and the “Award Room”. As the Government Lottery Office is required to air each Lottery’s winning numbers to national media; the award room has special requirements; including the CCTV to capture the winning numbers, as well as the VDO Wall system behind the stage. The recording of the lottery award must last one year.


The Government Lottery Office was installed with a reliable AV systems that is high quality and future proof to suits their needs.

Technology and Partners

  • QSC Acoustic Design speakers
  • Tannoy CVS6 ceiling speakers
  • Biamp MCA8150 8-channel amplifier
  • Biamp Nexia SP processor
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