Electronics Transaction Development Agency (ETDA)

A High Tech Office and Meeting Space

Services Provided:

  • Visual
  • Conference
  • Smart Room

Project Overview

The Electronics Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) is a governmental organization created for the purpose of developing, promoting and supporting Thailand’s electronic transactions; and to provide an IT infrastructure which facilitates electronic transactions, helping businesses related to electronic transactions and creating secure, safe and reliable IT standards and communication.  ETDA has a new office located in a newly built office building and needs an Audio Visual (AV) system that suits their needs.


ETDA’s new office needs an AV system that is technologically advanced and suitable for the usage of each different rooms (War Room, Control Room, Board Meeting Room, Training Room).


VICHAI TRADING 1983 has designed and installed AV systems that matches the needs of ETDA.  The highlight in the War Room is the Clock Audio CRM102-RF microphones which is discreetly installed in the meeting room table for each delegate.  In the same room, dnp Supernova screens allows for a very brightly-lid screen even under bright ambiance.  Wolfvision 3D cameras were installed on the table allow for high resolution images. All these technologies are state-of-the-art and matches both the needs and budget of ETDA.

Technology and Partners

  • DIS Shure Conference System
  • dnp Screens
  • Wolfvision
  • Clock Audio Microphones
  • AMX Control Systems

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