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DIS, Danish Interpretation Systems, is one of the world’s leading brands of advanced conference electronics. DIS provides complete system solutions of advanced electronic conference and congress products to the global meeting industry on a permanent or rental supply basis. DIS has more than 60 years experience of serving International clients in the meeting and communication industry. DIS is part of the Informationsteknik Scandinavia Group acquired by Shure Incorporated in February 2011.


Product Category

Digital Discussion System, Digital Conference System



Copenhagen, Denmark



DIS products are distributed by Vichai Group in Thailand and our relationship with DIS is over 20 years.



DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System
The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System consists of the central unit and a single programmable multi-user unit, enabling discussion, interpretation, grouping, VOX (voice activation) and audio scrambling feature.


DCS 6000 Digital Conference System
The DCS 6000 Digital Conference System is a “State-of-the-Art” digital conference system combining microphone handling, voting and interpretation in one system. The system includes portable and flush mounted conference units and is suitable for even the smallest installation.


The DCS 6000 is the ideal audio solution for large meetings held by:

  • National, state, or local legislative bodies
  • Government or regulatory agencies
  • Corporations, organizations, or associations
  • Educational institutions

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