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Few companies’ products have such a profound impact on our lives that their names enter the dictionary as generic descriptions for their inventions. There are notable exceptions such as Biro, for its ballpoint pen and Hoover for its vacuum cleaner. But in the audio field, Tannoy stands alone for its success in developing early public address systems and then continuing its reputation for pioneering audio solutions. The word Tannoy is synonymous with sound, appearing in the dictionary as: ‘a communications system with loudspeakers, used for making announcements in public buildings.’ The phrase ‘Over the Tannoy’ is universally used to describe a PA announcement.


Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world, having been founded as the Tulsemere Manufacturing Company back in 1926. The name originates from a solid-state rectifier invented by company founder, Guy Fountain, made from an alloy or mixture of Tantalum and Lead. This Tantalum-Lead Alloy was the basis of the now world famous brand name of Tannoy.

Today, Tannoy is now part of MUSIC GROUP.

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Tannoy products are distributed by Vichai Group in Thailand and our relationship with Tannoy is over 10 years.



CMS Series
The CMS (Ceiling Monitor System) Series provides the premium audio solution for a high performance ceiling-mounted distributed loudspeaker installation. Offering the system designer, architect and installer the very highest audio quality, intelligibility, coverage and power handling from a system design that is extremely low profile and sympathetic to venue décor.


CMS Series is Tannoy’s premium range of full bandwidth; high power and high sensitivity ceiling-mounted loudspeaker devices specifically designed for applications requiring the combination of uncompromising sonic quality for music and speech reinforcement, exceptional intelligibility and long term reliability. Ranging from very small, compact 4” driver devices up to large format 12” full-range and subwoofer devices, CMS Series offers the systems designer a comprehensive tool set for distributed in-ceiling audio, for applications where high quality music and speech reproduction is of paramount importance and compromise is not an option


CMS 3.0 — Next Generation Premium Ceiling Loudspeakers

Featuring a radical redesign of the Dual Concentric driver, the new design incorporates revolutionary Omni magnet™ technology and unique patent-pending Torus Ogive Waveguide™ device, together providing unprecedented broadband directivity and improved high frequency response. The improved time-alignment and greater coherence between LF and HF results in a wider sweet spot than ever before, delivering enhanced performance both on and off axis.

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