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WolfVision is a pioneer in the industry and has been developing and manufacturing better communication tools for more than two decades. Renowned as a world leader in presentation technology, many of today’s standards in “Visualizer technology” were developed and first introduced by us. The key to WolfVision’s worldwide success is our concentration on perfecting our Visualizers through large investments in research and development and maintaining excellent customer relationships.


A WolfVision Visualizer is a truly powerful presentation device. Known for our exceptionally high image quality, true-to-life color reproduction, and robust durability, every Visualizer – from lens to light system – is made from the very best components available.


WolfVision’s goal is to provide our customers with the right tools for more effective communication. We are the leading manufacturer of true, high quality Visualizers – special presentation devices designed to visually capture objects on its working surface in exceptional quality, quickly and easily.


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